For those who did't know. I moved my blog to wordpress. Please check it out there. :) Thank you~


[Download] Puri Puri Princess & S/Mileage no Takeoff

Here I am again. Coming back after a month...

Puri Puri Princess:

Get the links in the wordpress account

*No translation yet since Xie is busy with sub projects. We'll wait for her return*

S/Mileage no Takeoff:

Get the links in the wordpress account

*New download folder added at the links on the right for S/Mileage no Takeoff*

Wordpress Blog

Yo minna! =)

How are you all doing? Hope all of you are good and doing well. ^^

Okay, so I told all of you that I would be moving to wordpress anytime I'm finished fixing my blog there, right?
So now, I did finish putting up things there. You all could check it out.

still the same name but different site. :)

But here it is, even though I have this wordpress account, I won't be deleting this blog. So you could all still access this account.

Another thing, the wordpress account would be a blog not only for downloads but I'll include more.
I'm thinking of more Downloads like:
  • New radio show (Smileage no Takeoff)
  • Continue the radio shows I upload before (Beritsu, Puri Puri Princess, Tsuukai! Berryz Kingdom)      - This will take time, since I'm still busy with school (but summer is near) I'll slowly upload beritsu and berryz kingdom.
  • Berryz updates, downloads, etc.
If anyone wants more, request, suggestions, please contact me. Either leave a comment on the chat box or here in this post. Thank you very much! ^^

See you in my new wordpress blog too btw. :P


Btw, I'm taking out the download folder links here but you'll see it in the wordpress blog! ^^


O_____O My Blog has been dead!!!

So yeah, as what the title said...

I'm sorry for not being able to post here.

Either I am busy with College or I'm just lazy to come here and post.. So I'm really very sorry.
But I posted several times that even though I don't post here, you could get the downloads from the links on the right. If you can't download and just want to hear it, you could go to my YouTube account (maimamon2). I post Radio Shows there, but recently, I've just been uploading Puri Puri Princess.

So, before everything (links), I'll just make some announcements/news.

Concerning the Radio Show Uploads:

I am currently continuing on uploading the shows of Tsugunaga Momoko's Puri Puri Princess. So all of her radio shows are complete in my download folder. No problem with this show.

Beritsu, I recently stopped downloading it but I'm going to continue again, so expect to see the missing shows (Radio Shows 33 and 36-40) in the Beritsu download folder soon.

For Tsuukai! Berryz Kingdom, I also stopped downloading this and already missed so much shows. I'll try to upload the ones I have that I haven't uploaded yet (or had failed on uploading because of internet connection). Then I would try and download all the missing shows in my folder and upload them too. I will try to do it as soon as I can but not this week since it is my midterm week. Gomen.

Concerning my YouTube account:

I used to upload Beritsu and Puri Puri Princess radio shows, but now, I only upload Puri Puri Princess. I'm currently trying to make all the videos I missed for the shows of Beritsu and will eventually upload them when I can. I'm sorry for the delays and all.

Reasons for these:

1. I've been busy with school. (Even though you have more free time in College, that free time goes to doing all the things you need to do in every subject you have.... sucks...)

2. Daichi (name of my laptop) is being slow. I really need to buy a new one. Since I'm broke right now, I need to save up for a new one, which would take forever.... ^^; Just kidding, maybe in 3-4 years? And while saving up, I think I also need to reformat Daichi...

3. Internet Connection... When I download a radio show, it always come from a ddl (direct download site) or  from RSS. So, my internet connection always makes me stuck, resulting the downloads to stop and I need to download again as soon as I get the connection back. Or when I'm already uploading to YT or to my download folders, the internet gets stuck so when it comes back, I need to upload again. I often get stuck at this time so it's hard to download things. Gomen..

Okay, so I guess you guys now know what's happening. ^^
Now, since I've explained things, I'll get to the download links then. ^^


Puri Puri Princess:


Beritsu, Puri Puri Princess DL's + Nanchatte & Shouganai DL (2009 H!P Summer Concert)

Great, school started. I'm so sorry for not posting here, but you could check my upload folders for the downloads. I put them up there and not post here. Gomen.

But here are my updates for now:

Beritsu 030 091030.mp3

Puri Puri Princess:
Puri Puri Princess 031 20091103.mp3
Puri Puri Princess 032 20091110.mp3
Puri Puri Princess 033 20091117.mp3

Nanchatte Renai & Shouganai Yume Oibito DL: