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Yo minna! =)

How are you all doing? Hope all of you are good and doing well. ^^

Okay, so I told all of you that I would be moving to wordpress anytime I'm finished fixing my blog there, right?
So now, I did finish putting up things there. You all could check it out.

still the same name but different site. :)

But here it is, even though I have this wordpress account, I won't be deleting this blog. So you could all still access this account.

Another thing, the wordpress account would be a blog not only for downloads but I'll include more.
I'm thinking of more Downloads like:
  • New radio show (Smileage no Takeoff)
  • Continue the radio shows I upload before (Beritsu, Puri Puri Princess, Tsuukai! Berryz Kingdom)      - This will take time, since I'm still busy with school (but summer is near) I'll slowly upload beritsu and berryz kingdom.
  • Berryz updates, downloads, etc.
If anyone wants more, request, suggestions, please contact me. Either leave a comment on the chat box or here in this post. Thank you very much! ^^

See you in my new wordpress blog too btw. :P


Btw, I'm taking out the download folder links here but you'll see it in the wordpress blog! ^^

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